Week 3 April 27-May 1

With Coach Thomas

Dive into the scavenger hunts and see how many items you can find. Invite your family to a little friendly competition, too!

For all you jump rope fans! If you don't have one just imagine that you do.

Kindergarten through 2nd grade bean bag exploration. If you don't have bean bags, use rolled up socks. You will to need at least 10. Check out the video and have some fun.

ABC quick check 4-17.pdf

For those of you with bikes, here's a checklist on how to keep your bike running smoothly.

Fitting a helmet steps 4-17.pdf

This is just a friendly reminder on how your bike helmet should be fitting. Help your family members with their helmets too!

Virtual Pedestrian and Bicycle Elementary Curriculum 4-17.pdf

Check out all the information for Pedestrian and Bicycle safety. I hope everyone is able to get out for a walk and bike ride, too.