Week 2: April 20-24

With Coach Thomas

Our fitness program, Champions, has moved online, so you can continue to get stronger and faster. Make sure you click on Gilchrist when you log in so we get credit. Schools are competing against each for the most participants.

For those of you who have a FitBit, here's a challenge. Print it out and get started.

Fit-5-Tracker (1).pdf
Parent Pedestrian Lesson Leon.docx

Attention Kindergarten through 2nd grade parents and students. In October, the PE coaches taught the students about Pedestrian Safety. See how much your student remembers! It's a good review, especially with so many families walking in the neighborhoods.

You'll flip over this Water Bottle challenge. Check it out!

Click on the NFL Play 60 link and check out the family activities, a virtual field trip with some football players, and more.