April 20-24

Welcome to Week Two of the "New Normal" in Gilchrist PE!

This Week we are working on getting our heart rate up and the difference between Moderate and Vigorous exercise. Attached are three videos: one with Moderate exercise, one with a longer Vigorous exercise and one on how to check your heart rate. Remember, Moderate exercise keeps your heart rate low and close to your Resting heart rate (heartbeats per minute while sitting, resting, etc) and Vigorous exercise increases your heart rate much higher than your resting heart rate. Moderate exercise is any activity you do that gets your heart rate up a little higher than your normal resting heart rate. Things like taking a walk, slowly riding your bike, dribbling and shooting a basketball or playing catch. Vigorous exercise are activities that really get your heart pumping: Mountain biking, jogging or sprinting, swimming laps in a pool. Try and think of some other exercises, both moderate and vigorous then alternate doing those exercises though out the day.