Coach Causey

Welcome to virtual PE!

On this page you will find lessons and videos for our new distance learning. This is where I will be posting video lessons for you to work on your skills. There will be games and activities you can do at home to stay active. The main thing is KEEP MOVING and HAVE FUN!

My email is , or you may contact me through TEAMS!

If you would like to send pictures of your students playing the games you can email them to: I can't wait to hear from you!!

My office hours on Monday - Friday from 10:00 am-12:00 pm.

Underhand throw Week April 13th

Jumping and Hopping Week April 27th

This week we are going to work on jumping and hopping. When you jump you take off from both feet and land on both feet. When you hop, you take off on one foot and land on same foot. Both of these skills are used when you play hopscotch. I've attached a video of how to play hopscotch. There are lots of games you can play using jumping and hopping. One of my favorite is "Floor is Lava".

Take the pillows or cushions off the sofa or spread them out all over the living room. Now jump or hop from pillow to pillow and if you touch the floor (it's lava) you step off the pillows and do 10 sit ups or jumping jacks.

Use your creativity and come up with your own game that uses jumping or hopping. Use things around the house or in your yard. Most importantly, HAVE FUN and KEEP MOVING!!!

Miss you!!