Week 6 Challenge

Hello Grizzlies!

This week we will be working muscles all over our body. Muscles are the tissues that stabilize and protect our bones and organs!

Muscles are very important for athletes and everyday people. These muscles allow us to run faster, jump higher, become stronger, and be safe when having fun outside!

Watch this video for an introduction to muscles!

Below, I have posted our daily exercise challenges to get these muscles working! Work hard, break a sweat, and have fun!!

Throughout this Monday I want you to do leg exercises!

25 Frog Jumps

25 Toe Touches

Throughout this Tuesday I want you to do pushing exercises!

20 modified push-ups

2-5 minutes of Grizzly Crawls!

Throughout this Wednesday I want you to run!

Play outside, run around, enjoy the beautiful weather!

Try to run around and play for at least 30 minutes!

Throughout this Thurday I want you to do core exercises!

20 Sit-ups

10 Lying leg lifts

Throughout this Friday I want you to use your hands!

Play catch with a family member, get your hands in the dirt, hang from monkey bars and swing sets.

Get outside and have fun!