Week 4 Challenge

Hello Kindergarten and First Grade Grizzlies! This week, we are doing the ABC's workout challenge! In this challenge, each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding workout! So each day of the week, we will do different exercises together based on the letters that make up your name, words of objects around your house, and other words I give you to follow this week!

There is no video to come with this weeks challenge as the workouts we have all done togeher, and with the calendar, all the workouts will be explained below! Good luck!!

Monday (5/4)

Today I want you to do the exercises that correspond with GILCHRIST and your first name!

For GILCHRIST you will do

  • G = 6x air squats

  • I = 4x burpees

  • L = 4x push-ups

  • C = 5x push-ups

  • H = 10x arm circles

  • R = 6x crunches

  • I = 4x burpees

  • S = 5x burpees

  • T = 5x push-ups

Now I challenge you to spell your first name and do the exercises that go along with each letter!

Tuesday (5/5)

Today I want you to pick 3 different objects in you house, spell them, and do the exercises that correspond!

I picked:

  • DESK



I hope you enjoy your exercise!

Wednesday (5/6)

Today I want you to pick one food from each meal you have today, spell it, and do the correpsonding exercise!

I picked:




I hope you are eating healthy, enjoy the exercises!

Thursday (5/7)

Today I want you to go on a walk outside with your parent or their permission and pick 4 things out, then spell them and do the corresponding exercises!

If you can't go outside, use the words I found!

I picked:

  • Tree

  • Dog

  • Bugs

  • Flower

Keep active as much as you can! Enjoy the nature and world around you!

Friday (5/8)

Happy Friday! Today I want you to spell the names of your Gilchrist PE Coaches and do the corresponding exercises!

  • Drake

  • Causey

  • Thomas

  • Lucas

Great Job Grizzlies! You're making all of you coaches proud!