Deck of Cards Challenge

Hello, Fourth and Fifth Grade Grizzlies! This week we will be doing the Deck of Cards Challenge.

First, you will click on the introduction video to watch how to do the challenge with me!

Then, you will watch each video that corresponds to the day of the week so we can complete this challenge together!

Goodluck and try your best!

Introduction Video!

Use this video as reference for instruction and exercse demonstration.

Be sure to watch the next video to see some changes I made!

Hey 4/5 Grizzlies!

I made the exercises very difficult! I you would like a super great challenge do the exercises as originally explained in the video, but I made some changes in this video to make things a little easier for y'all!


MONDAY!!!! (4/13)

Goodluck Grizzlies!

TUESDAY!!!! (4/14)

I believe in all of you!

WEDNESDAY!!!! (4/15)

Half-way there my friends!

THURSDAY!!!! (4/16)

Downhill from here! Great job!!!

FRIDAY!!!! (4/17)

You all are amazing! Finish strong!