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My dear friends, I hope that you all are doing fine and everyone is being safe. I am truly missing all of you and I am so sorry that I can't see you at this present time, but I pray that you are all fine.

I am providing some music lessons for you all and I hope that you will enjoy them. We have a new composer along with some other exciting musical activities.....enjoy! If you have any questions, or need to reach me, my office hours are from 10AM-12PM Monday through Friday.

Love you!!

Week Two 4/23

Music Games and Songs

Hello everyone, I hope that you all are fine and staying safe.

I miss you all so very much and I am providing a fun game for all of you this week, along with some springtime songs, I hope you will enjoy.

Below are the links to some musical word Games, I hope you will enjoy them. (K) ( Grades 3-5) (Grades 1-2)

Vivaldi's Coloring Sheet K/5

*Vivaldi was known as the Red Priest, his hair was red.

Songs of Spring

Below are some wonderful songs about spring that you may sing-a-long with.

  1. *This is Vivaldi's Spring( no words) K-5

Music Mrs Brown......April 30,2020

Vivaldi Continues:

For the next two lessons we will listen to the entire story, "The Ring of Mystery", with music by Vivaldi (The Four Seasons). This week (4/30) you will listen to 7 tracks and( 5/7) we will complete the story. Below I am including links for several coloring sheets of Venice, a gondola, and a gondolier. These coloring sheets are being provided to give you and idea of what Venice, a gondola and a gondolier looks like. I will also provide the link for the story..You may e-mail me a picture of one of your coloring projects, questions will be asked about the story during the 5/7 lesson.

Coloring sheets: Venice Gondola and Gondolier

Ring of Mystery link The story is audio not video, you will enjoy it. Track one Track 2 Track3 Track 4 Track 5 Track 6 Track 7

  • To be continued next week,

  • I hope you are enjoying this wonderful story with magnificent music by Antonio Vivaldi.

Music May 7th

Mrs. Brown

This will be our last lesson on Antonio Vivaldi. We are going to complete the story, "The Ring of Mystery. This lesson will consist of tracks 8-14 of the story, with several questions for each grade level after completing this wonderful story.

These are the links 8-14 to the Ring of Mystery Track 8 Track 9 Track10] Track 12 Track 13 Track 14


  1. Where does this story take place? K-5

  2. Who was the orphan girl? K-5

  3. Who was the gondolier driver? 3-5

  4. What festival was taking place when she arrived in Venice? 3-5

  5. The orphan school for girls was called ? 3-5

  6. When Katrina was a baby and was found by the nun, what was wrapped in her blanket? 3-5

  7. Who was the special guest that came to town for Carnival? 3-5

  8. What did he bring with him? 4-5

  9. What was the name of the surprise that he bought with him? 5

  10. Why was the Duke in town for Carnival? 4-5

  11. Who was the mysterious man in black? K-5

  12. Did the Duke find his grandchild? K-5

  13. Who was the grandchild? K-5

  14. Did you enjoy this story? K-5

What is an Opera

Music : May 14, 2020

Mrs. Brown

Hello everyone, this week we will learn the description of an

Opera and we will watch an Opera designed just for kids.

This lesson can be found on You Tube, you don't need a subscription, you can go into google and pull it up. The title of the opera is, "The Enchanted tail.

The first part of this lesson will be the 4:21 minute video which will define what an opera is and a description of the opera that you will see.

After viewing the info video presented by the actors that will perform the opera, you will then watch the 34 minute production of, "The Enchanted Tail"

I know you will enjoy this Opera and it is designed just for kids. You can just send me an e-mail to let me know you have watched this comical opera.

Love you, stay safe.

Another Opera

Mozart's.... The Magic Flute

*Our final lesson*

May 21,2020

Mrs. W. Brown

Hello students this will be our final lesson. I am so very sorry that we are not able to see each other before you begin your summer vacation, but know that you are truly missed. Please be safe this summer, have fun and we will see each other when school starts again....Love you!

Now for our last lesson: you will watch "The Magic Flute', by Wolfgang A. Mozart. I can't provide the link for you, you will have to google it, google will send you to You Tube. This will be The Magic Flute Cartoon version.... and the length of the video is 46:31. All you need to do is type in The Magic Flute Cartoon.....the length of time is a way to identify it.


  1. What is an Opera?

  2. You watched two operas, which is your favorite?

Email me your answers.

Have a great summer.