APRIL 21, 2020

For this weeks lesson we are learning about Textile Art! More specifically, weaving!

First, watch the video of me - this will go over two artists along with guided instructions on how to create your own weaving.

Special shout out to Mrs. Spangler, one of our Librarians! If you didn't know, Mrs. Spangler is a FABULOUS textile artist. She will definitely be a guest artist in our class next year to show off some of her awesome works. BUT, she was so awesome and made you all a powerpoint with step by step instructions as well. I'm attaching both the video and the powerpoint - you can print out the powerpoint or pause the video if it ever gets to be too fast.

Make sure you send your final weavings to mendenhallv@leonschools.net - Happy Creating!

Weaving Lesson.pptx