Uncoventional Painting!


Unconventional Painting /Food Art!

For this weeks lesson, we are going to use materials that you wouldn't normally consider when creating art.

First, make sure you have your parents permission when creating with any food materials. We don't want to use too much and be wasteful! If you can't use food, THAT IS OK! Use your toys, school supplies, books, clothes, or anything you can get your hands on!

Once you choose your materials, you can create a painting or a sculpture of your choice! Watch my video to get some inspiration.

Make sure you clean up!! Just like in the art room, we always need to clean up our messes so we don't leave it worse for other people.

***If you cannot do this project - go to the Additional Resources page (Click that link) and go to any of the other pages and pick a project!

Watch First!

Watch Second!